Best Beach Reads

Discover the best books to read on the beach this summer!

Where Sleeping Girls Lie / Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé

Sade Hussein, transitioning from homeschooling to Alfred Nobel Academy, faces suspicion when her roommate, Elizabeth, vanishes. She joins the enigmatic Unholy Trinity led by Persephone. Partnering with Elizabeth’s friend, Baz, they investigate her disappearance. Amidst growing distrust and a student’s death, they unearth the academy’s sinister secrets, unveiling perilous truths.
Available as an ebook and audiobook through Libby/OverDrive.

Hedging Your Bets / Jayne Denker

Gillian, a happily divorced gardening enthusiast, clashes with minimalist Noah when he moves in next door. Their opposing views on life and plants spark competition, but as they engage in fiery banter and gardening contests, they discover unexpected chemistry. Despite their differences, they wonder if their feud might be masking deeper feelings, leading to a romance amidst the blooms of Willow Cove.
Available as an ebook and audiobook through hoopla and Libby/OverDrive.

James / Percival Everett

James reimagines The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, centering on Jim, the enslaved man who joins Huck on a raft down the Mississippi River. Jim escapes to Jackson Island when he learns he’s about to be sold, planning to head north to the Free States. At the same time, Huck fakes his death to flee his abusive father. The story follows their perilous journey, encountering floods, storms, and con men like the Duke and Dauphin. This retelling gives Jim a leading role, highlighting his intelligence, compassion, and agency, while exploring complex themes of freedom and humanity with sharp humor and social commentary.
Available as an ebook and audiobook through Libby/OverDrive.

This Summer Will Be Different / Carley Fortune

Lucy vacations on Prince Edward Island every summer and falls for Felix, her best friend’s younger brother. Despite their intense chemistry, they agree to avoid each other after an intimate night. However, Lucy finds it hard to stay away from Felix. When her best friend Bridget suddenly leaves Toronto a week before her wedding, Lucy returns to the island to support her. As she spends more time with Felix, his behavior changes, making Lucy question her resolve to keep things casual. This romance explores the complexities of friendship, commitment, and resisting powerful attraction.
Also available in Large Print and as an ebook and audiobook on Libby/OverDrive.

Anita de Monte Laughs Last / Xochitl Gonzalez

In 1985, Anita de Monte, a promising artist, dies tragically in New York City, but by 1998, her name is almost forgotten. Raquel, a third-year art history student and one of the few students of color at her prestigious college, feels out of place among privileged peers. As Raquel navigates this elite world and rises socially through a romance with a well-connected older student, she discovers Anita’s overlooked story. The novel, alternating between Anita’s and Raquel’s perspectives, examines themes of power, love, and art, questioning who gets remembered and who gets forgotten in the elite art world.
Also available in Large Print and as an ebook and audiobook on Libby/OverDrive.

Funny Story / Emily Henry

Daphne was excited to marry Peter, who had a charming way of telling their love story. But everything changed when Peter realized he was actually in love with his childhood friend Petra, leaving Daphne heartbroken and stranded in Waning Bay, Michigan, without friends or family. She manages to keep her dream job as a children’s librarian but can barely afford her bills. To make ends meet, she proposes rooming with Miles Nowak, Petra’s scruffy and chaotic ex, who has a talent for coping with heartbreak through love ballads. Daphne, organized and private, is a stark contrast to Miles, leading to them mostly avoiding each other. However, their shared heartbreak brings them together, and they form a friendship, concocting a plan that involves posting misleading photos of their summer adventures. Despite their differences and their ex’s connection, they find themselves drawn to each other. Could Daphne really fall for her ex-fiancé’s new fiancée’s ex? In this heartwarming and humorous story, Daphne discovers new beginnings can come from the most unexpected places.
Available as an ebook and audiobook through Libby/OverDrive.

Just for the Summer / Abby Jimenez

Justin has a peculiar curse: every woman he dates finds her soul mate immediately after they break up. When a Reddit thread about his curse goes viral, Emma, a traveling nurse with a similar problem, contacts him with a plan: they’ll date, break up, and each find their true love. Despite the absurdity, it seems like a win-win. Emma’s new nursing assignment in Minnesota and Justin’s life in a charming cottage on Lake Minnetonka set the stage for their plan. But when Emma’s toxic mother reappears and Justin must take guardianship of his three siblings, their fling becomes complicated. Real feelings develop, and they wonder if Fate has unexpectedly brought them the perfect match. What happens if they don’t break up after all?
Available as an ebook and audiobook through Libby/OverDrive.

Real Americans / Rachel Khong

In Real Americans, set on the cusp of Y2K, unpaid intern Lily Chen strives for the American dream in NYC, while her son Nick plots an escape from their isolated island home. Lily’s encounter with financier Matthew promises luxury, but Nick’s quest for his father uncovers family secrets. This family saga delves into identity, sacrifice, and forgiveness, questioning the lengths we go for love.
Available as an ebook and audiobook through Libby/OverDrive.

Lies and Weddings / Kevin Kwan

Rufus Leung Gresham, heir to a depleted Gresham Trust, faces dire financial straits. His mother’s scheme leads him to his sister’s wedding, tasked with seducing a wealthy woman for salvation. Choices loom: marry a French heiress, woo a venture capitalist, or follow love. Amidst scandal and tragedy, the Gresham legacy hangs in peril.
Available as an ebook and audiobook through Libby/OverDrive.

Cancelled / Farrah Penn

High school senior Brynn Whittaker faces a school-wide scandal when a viral video wrongly implicates her, prompting her and her friends to confront the school’s misogynistic culture, while Brynn grapples with the decision to expose the true culprit.
Available as an ebook and audiobook through Libby/OverDrive.

Simply the Best / Susan Elizabeth Phillips

In this gripping tale, top sports agent Brett Rivers and struggling chocolatier Rory Garrett collide in unexpected circumstances, leading to a web of lies, danger, and a life-altering discovery. Despite their differences, their forced proximity unveils deeper connections, challenging their beliefs about success and love. As they confront their fears and desires, Brett and Rory realize that a true connection can emerge from the most unexpected places, transforming their lives in profound ways.
Available as an ebook and audiobook through Libby/OverDrive.

A Whisper in the Walls / Scott Reintgen

Ren Monroe, infiltrating House Brood, faces challenges as Theo Brood’s father schemes against her. Exiled Theo and isolated Ren struggle against his father’s machinations, stalling Ren’s revenge plans. Ren might have more resources than she’d ever imagined as House Tin’Vori, survivors of a Brood raid, offer an alliance. Conflicted by growing feelings for Theo and her thirst for revenge, Ren weighs the risk of unleashing Tin’Vori’s dangerous powers against House Brood without harming Theo. As she teeters between power and ruin, Ren must navigate alliances and her emotions to enact her vengeance while preserving her bond with Theo.

Expiration Dates / Rebecca Serle

Daphne Bell’s dating life is dictated by slips of paper revealing the duration of her relationships. After decades of fleeting connections, she meets Jake, whose name comes with no expiry date. As their romance blooms, Daphne questions fate, commitment, and the true essence of love in Rebecca Serle’s captivating exploration.
Also available in Large Print and as an ebook and audiobook on Libby/OverDrive.

Table for Two / Amor Towles

In Table for Two, Amor Towles offers readers a collection of shorter fiction, including six stories set in New York City and a novella in Los Angeles. The New York tales explore themes ranging from ego acrobatics to the consequences of chance encounters and the intricacies of modern marriages. The novella Eve in Hollywood follows Evelyn Ross’s journey during Hollywood’s golden age, crafting a new future amid glamour. Throughout, characters find their destinies shaped by conversations at tables for two, showcasing Towles’s wit and sophistication in this captivating addition to his historical fiction repertoire.
Also available in Large Print and as an ebook and audiobook on Libby/OverDrive.

LP: June 2024