Not a resident of Bloomfield Township? If you live within The Library Network (TLN) service area, you may register for a card at your home library first and then bring your home library card and a photo ID to register here.

Recently moved? Please bring a valid photo ID and a recently postmarked bill, mortgage papers or rental agreement with your name and new address.
A nonresident with a library card for a library that is located in his or her community, is a current member of The Library Network and offers reciprocal borrowing of privileges to Bloomfield Township Public Library cardholders may use his or her home library card to register at BTPL to borrow books and other materials, subject to BTPL policies and procedures.

Nonresidents who are not covered by a reciprocal borrowing agreement or a resident of The Library Network member library are welcome to visit and browse BTPL’s collections, attend certain public events or programs and use BTPL guest computers for a limited amount of time subject to BTPL policies and procedures but may not borrow books or other materials or be entitled to other limited or restricted library services.

Faculty, staff and students of the Cranbrook Educational Community(CEC) are eligible to receive a blue and white key tag from the Bloomfield Township Public Library giving them borrowing privileges whether they reside on campus or not. For CEC who reside on campus, their family members also are eligible for a blue and white key tag. Employees and staff must present either an ID badge or a pay check stub from CEC at the time of registration. Students must present either a current student ID or a class schedule. Family of faculty and staff must present the faculty or staff member’s ID at the time of registration.

Detroit Public Library and Troy Public Library card holders may be registered at this library with a valid photo ID.
Please click on the appropriate link below to register you home library card.