Black History Month

Check out these titles available to download or many more available online and in the Youth Department.

Female snowboarding

Winter Olympics Digital Book Display

Enjoy our newest digital book display! Click around for books, videos, games, and information on the winter olympics, winter sports, and your favorite winter athletes!

Ms. Ashlee Reading on a stack of books; 6 books on display

Ms. Ashlee’s Favorite Picture Books of 2021

Between my storytimes and reading to my young kids at home, I read a lot of picture books. I thought I would share some of my favorites that have been published this year….

Screenshot of Bloomfield Township Library's Youth Database Page with five categories that are world languages, reading and recommendations, elementary and early learning, middle grade research and homework help, and more to explore

How to Find Youth Databases

Did you know that we offer a variety of online databases specifically for children? These tools are great for homework help, learning a new language, finding books to read, and more!…

LOTE Online for Kids

New World Language Database for Kids

LOTE Online for Kids is a library eResource that allows kids to enjoy the magic of digital books in LOTE (Languages Other Than English) from the comfort of their own home….



  • Face of Japanese American girl in front of a red curtain with a pencil, notebook, space helmet, cat, and basketball floating above her head
    Dream, Annie, Dream
  • Blonde boy with glasses wearing a backpack and holding a pie
    Honestly Elliott
  • African American girl holding a chick hatching out of an egg
    Just Right Jillian
  • Side profile of a head of a girl with eyes closed
    A Kind of Spark
  • A preteen girl stands on the left, with London behind her. A boy stands on the right with New York City behind him.
    Glitter Gets Everywhere
  • Child standing between trees facing a house
    Too Bright to See
  • Book cover with girl playing fiddle next to a dog. In the background is a walled-in desert city with a storm raging behind it.
  • Girl floating on her back in a pool
  • Boy wearing tank top, shorts, and cape in a superman pose
    Stuntboy, in the Meantime
  • Large head of wolf open mouthed toward girl with red cape
    Beasts and Beauty: Dangerous Tales
  • Identical idyllic houses sit along a street, with vines and flowers growing haphazardly over just one house.
  • Small young man stands facing enormous dragon against backdrop of futuristic city.
    Battle Dragons: City of Thieves