Against a purple and black backdrop of space, a young man looks out of the window of a high-tech spacecraft.

Stowaway / John David Anderson

Leo and his brother Gareth were born on Earth, not too many decades into the future. However, when the brothers were still very young, humanity had its first contact with an alien species. Luckily, the friendly Aykari came bearing wonderful gifts–incredible advances in technology and medicine. All they asked for in return was the ability to mine Earth’s bountiful supply of a recently-discovered mineral (which just happens to be fuel for faster-than-light travel). While Leo and Gareth are on a research vessel with their father, who is a scientist famous for his work with the new mineral, an opposing alien faction attacks—and kidnaps their dad! Leo’s going to have to learn a lot of hard truths about the universe… but he won’t have to do it alone. Ages 10 and up.

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