Four happy dogs are gathered outdoors, with a fifth brooding from the shadows and a cat peeking out from a window in a nearby house.

Secondhand Dogs / Carolyn Crimi

Gus has always been the head of Miss Lottie’s pack of rescue dogs.  Tank, Roo, Moon Pie, and even Ghost the cat have looked up to him for as long as they’ve been together.  What will happen when Decker, a scary new addition to the pack, shows up and takes a dislike to Moon Pie—and starts giving orders of his own? …

Book cover displaying Navajo boy with his grandmother in front of campfire. A cloud shaped like a creature can be seen in the sky.

Healer of the Water Monster / Brian Young

Nathan is a young man who has chosen to spend the summer with his grandmother–his Nali–rather than be in the middle of his parents’ divorce (and have to hang out with his dad’s new girlfriend).  It will be a summer without cell service, his friends, or air conditioning.  Nathan learns, though, that there are amazing beings very special to his Navajo heritage who are suffering much worse than he is. …

Book cover displaying young person leaning pensively over an apartment balcony railing.

Sunny Days Inside / Caroline Adderson

In this timely book of short stories, the diverse inhabitants of an apartment building must all learn to deal with the stay-at-home orders of 2020 in their own ways.  New hobbies will be tried, friendships will be formed, and breaking points will be reached in this fabulous collection by Caroline Adderson.  Ages 9 and up….

A Single Stone book cover. Image of seven people digging under a mountain.

A Single Stone / Meg McKinlay

In this book, the inhabitants of a village must do whatever they can to keep their young ladies as small as possible in the hopes that they will one day join “the line,” a group of seven girls who enter the tiny crevices of the local mountain to mine the precious mica that the village uses for fuel during the harsh winters. …

Paper Heart By Cat Patrick Yellow Heart With Blue Shadow Of A Girl Standing On The Left Curve Of The Heart

Paper Heart / Cat Patrick

For kids fifth grade and up. Tess is struggling. Her best friend, Colette, recently died unexpectedly. She is finding it hard to connect to anyone in the aftermath, including her twin sister Frankie. She is devastated, but watching everyone around her move on and forget Colette hurts her even more. So Tess decides to go with her aunt, uncle, and cousins to Wyoming for the summer and enroll in an art course….