Roam From Home Packs (1)

Roam From Home Media Packs

Youth Services is offering specially selected kits to explore different locations around the globe.  These all-ages packs include books, movies, and music to experience a new locale as a family.

Choose from: Antarctica, Australia, the Caribbean, China, England, France, Hawaii, Italy, South America, or Spain.

***Interested in a location not listed?  Ask for a customized pack!***…

Education Online Student Girl Student Watching Virtual Class Computer Education Online Student Girl Student Watching Virtual 176978344

Virtual Learning This School Year? We Can Help!

Did you know that we offer an assortment of databases and online research help specifically to help children succeed in their studies? From world languages, book recommendations, research sites for elementary and middle school kids, and more! You can find all of our databases for kids on our website.

The State of Michigan also offers a variety of online resources for kids….

September Reading Theme Dog And Cat Days

August Reading Theme – The Dog (and Cat) Days of Summer

In ancient Greece and Rome, the month corresponding with the rising of Sirius (or the Dog Star) was from July 22 to August 22.  These days were called the “dog days of summer.”  In addition to the heat, astrology attributes bad luck to this time of year.

At BTPL, we think it’s a great time to read about our favorite furry friends! …

Brooks R. Age 9 The Golden Gate Bridge 1

Virtual LEGO Club Submission:

We had one submission from our Virtual LEGO Club by Brooks R., age 9. He created The Golden Gate Bridge! Below are the picture he took of his creation. Great job Brooks!

Virtual Story Time

Family Story Time: Live!

Join your BTPL Youth Services librarians for a live, interactive virtual story time for families of all ages every week!

More dates coming in September! Check our program calendar for updates!





  • Beyondme
    Beyond Me
  • Braver
    Braver: A Wombat's Tale
  • Charlieprice
    The Remarkable Journey of Charlie Price
  • Notificanhelpit
    Not If I Can Help It
  • Warstories
    War Stories
  • When Stars Are Scattered
    When Stars Are Scattered
  • Catherine's War
    Catherine's War
  • Pie In The Sky
    Pie in the Sky
  • Samurai Rising Cover
    Samurai Rising
  • Onelastshot
    One Last Shot
  • Lightninggirl
    The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl
  • Onetrickpony
    One Trick Pony