Asl Library Resources with images of a book with a child riding a dragon and a screenshot of librarian sitting next to white board with ASL interpreter in smaller screen

American Sign Language (ASL) Resources and Programs

We have many ASL resources available online and for checkout in the Youth Accessibility Support Collection.

Explora Database

Youth Database Spotlight: Explora!

Are you a curious researcher in middle school who wants to know more about the library’s digital resources–and get entered in a drawing for a chance to win a prize?…


Database Highlight: PebbleGo

PebbleGo is an early literacy resource for children in preschool through 3rd grade who are just learning how to read. There is a listening option where Pebble Go will read the passage to you….

Coronavirus Social Story

Social Narrative for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Use this social narrative from The Autism Educator, Amanda McGuinness, to help explain the Coronavirus (COVID-19) with visuals.

Social narrative in PDF


Tumble Book Library

During this difficult time, we wanted to remind you that Tumble Book Library  includes unlimited and unrestricted access from the comfort and safety of home, 24/7.

You can access Tumble Books from our library website by going to Research and selecting Youth Databases,…



  • Face of Japanese American girl in front of a red curtain with a pencil, notebook, space helmet, cat, and basketball floating above her head
    Dream, Annie, Dream
  • Blonde boy with glasses wearing a backpack and holding a pie
    Honestly Elliott
  • African American girl holding a chick hatching out of an egg
    Just Right Jillian
  • Side profile of a head of a girl with eyes closed
    A Kind of Spark
  • A preteen girl stands on the left, with London behind her. A boy stands on the right with New York City behind him.
    Glitter Gets Everywhere
  • Child standing between trees facing a house
    Too Bright to See
  • Book cover with girl playing fiddle next to a dog. In the background is a walled-in desert city with a storm raging behind it.
  • Girl floating on her back in a pool
  • Boy wearing tank top, shorts, and cape in a superman pose
    Stuntboy, in the Meantime
  • Large head of wolf open mouthed toward girl with red cape
    Beasts and Beauty: Dangerous Tales
  • Identical idyllic houses sit along a street, with vines and flowers growing haphazardly over just one house.
  • Small young man stands facing enormous dragon against backdrop of futuristic city.
    Battle Dragons: City of Thieves